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May 17 2018

Weekly Wages Service and Monthly Payroll Service and CIS, payroll processing fees.#Payroll #processing #fees


Dragon Payroll Services

Dragon Payroll offers competitive prices, whilst providing a quality service that meets clients’ demanding requirements.

Pricing is based on a ‘per payslip’ basis. The more payslips I prepare in a payroll run, the greater the savings I can pass on to my clients.

For a detailed quotation tailored to your needs, please either contact me by phone, email or use the ‘Contact us’ Form.

Payroll costs ( Pricing is based on a ‘per payslip’ basis).

Weekly Employees (min charge of £20.00 per week)

Number of Employees

Cost per Weekly employee

Fortnightly Employees (min charge of £25.00 per fortnight)

Number of Employees

Cost per Fortnightly employee

Monthly Employees (min charge of £30.00 per month)

Number of Employees

Cost per Monthly employee

The above rates are applicable for a full payroll service, details as below :-

  • Processing of your weekly or monthly payroll using HMRC accredited software.

If you have employees on ‘Piece rate’ we will be happy to process these. Depending on how complicated these are, charges may vary therefore please ask for a quote.

My prices are based on electronic transfer of payslips. You will receive an e-mail with the payslips attached – all you need to do is print them off and distribute them. I also send a report to you that will provide details of the payroll run, including gross pay, deductions, net pay and your Tax and PAYE liability to be paid over to HMRC.

Are there any extra charges?

The only extra costs which you may incur are:-

  • If you require paper payslips delivered to your Company address. These are charged at a simple flat rate of 25p per paper payslip plus postage costs.

  • Contract of Employment for new starters will be charged at £1.25 per employee.

Compare the costs of our service to that of employing your own payroll employee, which would cost, on average, around £17,000 per year to see how much you could save per year by using Dragon Payroll Services.

Any extras, eg Contracts of Employment, etc, will need to added to the above total.

How do I send you my payroll details?

I accept spreadsheets via email, post or telephone advice of wage and salary details. The format that you use is the one that is easiest for you.

If you require a Contract of Employment for your new starters, I have a standard contract available should you require one. If there are aspects you wish to be included in a contract, then there will be an initial set-up fee of £5.00.

These extra charges will be added to your monthly invoice.

If you have any questions that are not covered above, please contact me and I will be pleased to answer them.

Payroll processing fees

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