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Sep 18 2018

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Working As A Part Time Merchandiser

Lawrence Merchandising Services is hired by retailers, national brands and manufacturers to help them make their product look great in stores. As a retail merchandiser, you will execute in-store projects or routine maintenance that helps drive sales for a product or category. For example, during one project, you may apply stickers to a certain product in your store. During a second project, you may pull inventory from the backroom and put it on the salesfloor.

In addition to one-time projects, some positions include assigned weekly routine maintenance work, such as completing visual merchandising for the jewelry and sunglasses sections in a store every few days or replenishing greeting cards on an endcap each week.

Flexibility is a unique and attractive benefit of the job. Rather than having a regular and pre-determined schedule, you will log onto our online system each day to view and choose project opportunities in your area. If you choose to accept a project, you are then able to schedule the date and time you wish to complete the project, as long as it is within the date range provided.

The number of projects and amount of available hours will vary significantly each week. Some territories have many projects and other territories have few.

More About The Retail Merchandising Job

Typical merchandising activities

  • Visual merchandising
  • Stocking product
  • Researching inventory issues
  • Setting product to planogram (visual product guide)
  • Auditing planograms
  • Keeping the product area clean and organized
  • Putting stickers on products

What stores will I service?

You will be sent opportunities to complete projects available within a 50-mile radius of your home. You choose which store(s) work for you. Projects are assigned on a first come, first served basis. You will want to check our online system daily in order to accept/decline opportunities.

When will I work and how many hours?

Projects in your assigned stores typically must be completed during a 1-2 week window. Most of the time, you can choose when you complete the projects assigned to you. Flexibility is one of the many perks of working for LMS! Hours vary greatly throughout the year, but representatives with our company see an average of 5-10 hours a week.

Why do the hours vary?

The number of projects our clients need us to complete in stores vary over time. Sometimes, we have many client projects happening at the same time in the same cities. Other times, we have fewer projects. Some clients need us to complete one-time projects, such as applying UPC labels to items. Others need us to complete projects every week or every month, such as stocking shelves or monitoring inventory levels.

How do I manage my schedule and submit surveys?

Each day, you will log onto your LMS account, which is a one-stop-shop for everything related to your job as a merchandiser. In your account, you can view project opportunities that are available up to 50 miles around your home for you to accept and complete in stores. Once you accept a project, you schedule the date/time you plan to complete the task. After you have performed the task in the store, you will log onto your LMS account and complete a brief survey regarding the service. We require this to be completed on the same day you scheduled your project. Once you have completed the survey, LMS will pay you for your work on the following paycheck.

The system also includes a calendar featuring your upcoming projects, project instructions, service updates and our survey system.

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