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May 18 2018

Unity of Myrtle Beach, hospice book on stages of dying.#Hospice #book #on #stages #of #dying

Sundays at Unity Myrtle Beach

8:45 9:30 am: Contemplative Service

9:45 10:45 am: Sunday Morning Circle

Shortcuts to God by Gerald Jampolsky

11:00 AM Service

Rev. Margaret Hiller

After the Service

with Bunni Healy

Learn how to make healthy, non-toxic cleaning supplies. Make a spray bottle of room freshener to take home with you

with Paula Kenion

Including prayer, chanting, and readings

Hospice book on stages of dying

Those who have already made their pledges for the Unity-New Location Fund!

Haven’t made a pledge yet, and you’re ready to do so now? Make your pledge before Nov. 12 th so we can get an invitation to you a thank you gift for you.

Hospice book on stages of dying

Join us as we make quilts for hospice, shut-ins, and families in need.

No quilting or sewing experience necessary

Hospice book on stages of dyingContact Sarah Raphael for more info

Hospice book on stages of dying

Hospice book on stages of dying

Hospice book on stages of dying

Hospice book on stages of dying

‘Unity Bookstore Open to the Public!’

Hospice book on stages of dying

Hospice book on stages of dying

Learn More about this and other Unity events HERE!

Unity Myrtle Beach Welcomes You!

Our uplifting mission of prayer, service, and education enriches and transforms lives. We are a spiritual community of individuals dedicated to knowing Self and knowing God, and doing our part in supporting the emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of children, individuals and families on the Grand Strand.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about Unity and our work on the Grand Strand. We offer a spiritual home that radiates unconditional love, and we believe in the power of each of us to transform ourselves, our community and our world.

Unity Christ Church offers a variety of programs and ministries dedicated to inspire and facilitate growth, energy, and healing. Access our class, workshop and event calendar, and make plans to join us.

Visit our Facebook page and become a fan.

(Siri will not get you to the right place. Google maps will.)

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