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Nov 30 2017

Routeware – Fleet Management Software for the Waste Industry #fleet #routing #software


GPS Tracking
and Mapping

” data-heading=” Fleet Management
Software for the Waste Industry ” data-description=” With 17 years of experience designing fleet management systems, Routeware is the solution to improve revenue, lower your costs, and increase driver productivity. ” data-url=”” data-text=”Learn More” data-src=”” data-width=”” data-height=”” >

Status & Trend Reports

” data-heading=” Comprehensive
Trend Reports ” data-description=” Ensure that every business decision you make is based on current, accurate, and detailed data. With Routeware s advanced reporting feature within our Command Control software, this is exactly what you will get – fleet tracking intelligence that enables both cost-saving and revenue-enhancing business decisions. ” data-url=”” data-text=”Learn More” data-src=”” data-width=”502″ data-height=”558″ >

Data that’s

” data-heading=” Real-time
Fleet Visibility ” data-description=” Want to know what is happening throughout the day with your fleet of trucks? Want to see if a driver is speeding? Taking too long on break? In an area they should not be? Look no further! With Routeware s advanced notification module, you can have real-time visibility of your fleet and drivers at the click of a button. ” data-url=”” data-text=”Learn More” data-src=”” data-width=”502″ data-height=”558″ >

Why routeware is different from the others.

  • Low upfront and lifecycle costs.
  • Cloud and on-premises solutions.
  • Great service and support.
  • Fast delivery, installation, and start-up.

Find Out More

Leader in routing solutions for waste haulers.

Since 1999 we’ve been the leading provider of rugged solutions that help waste haulers streamline their operations. Our experience in a demanding environment taught us how to equip any fleet of any size in any industry including beverage, food service, mining, landscaping, HVAC, field service, and more.

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See how everyone in your operation can benefit.

From Executives to Drivers, the easy to use Routeware system is an effective tool and beneficial resource for the success of your whole organization.

Find out how Routeware can help your company increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve safety!

Routeware, Inc.

Since 1999, Routeware has been a leading innovator in the fleet management software arena. Routeware’s advanced back office software and on-board computer help our customers see the benefits of increased revenue, decreased costs, improved safety, and improved customer service. Better business intelligence leads to better business decision-making and that is exactly what Routeware’s software offers!

The Basic Plan is your first step to successful fleet management.

The Premium Plan is the most advanced system for fleet management.

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