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Dec 31 2017

Reveals The Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates Per State

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# Reveals The Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates Per State

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New York, NY (PRWEB) July 24, 2012, part of the Insurance Quotes USA Finance network, is an all-in-one stop for news, tips, and quotes on auto insurance. The company is pleased to reveal the current average monthly auto insurance rates for every state across the United States. We aim to help consumers maximize their savings on car insurance, said Eric, Senior Advisor of We believe by releasing such information, consumers can be better prepared on what to expect when looking for auto insurance quotes.

State Average Monthly Rate on Auto Insurance:

Alabama: $56.50
Alaska: $80.17
Arizona: $77.17
Arkansas: $57.75
California: $70.42
Colorado: $68.92
Connecticut: $82.58
Delaware: $85.67
Washington D.C. $98.50
Florida: $88.58
Georgia: $65.33
Hawaii: $70.25
Idaho: $48.58
Illinois: $61.92
Indiana: $54.75
Iowa: $46.25
Kansas: $49.17
Kentucky: $62.50
Louisiana: $89.67
Maine: $53.67
Maryland: $78.75
Massachusetts: $92.75
Michigan: $77.58
Minnesota: $65.92
Mississippi: $62.08
Missouri: $57.08
Montana: $57.08
Nebraska: $51.75
Nevada: $81.92
New Hampshire: $66.00
New Jersey: $98.67
New Mexico: $60.58
New York: $93.50
North Carolina: $50.17
North Dakota: $46.17
Ohio: $55.75
Oklahoma: $56.50
Oregon: $61.42
Pennsylvania: $70.75
Rhode Island: $88.25
South Carolina: $62.75
South Dakota: $47.08
Tennessee: $54.92
Texas: $70.42
Utah: $58.83
Vermont: $58.25
Virginia: $58.17
Washington: $70.00
West Virginia: $71.42
Wisconsin: $51.25
Wyoming: $53.25

In addition to knowing the state average, also recommends consumers to know the top insurance companies in different regions within the United States so they can know which companies to approach first in priority when looking for auto insurance.

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