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Feb 13 2018

Online Graduate Programs – College of Pharmacy – University of Florida

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Online Graduate Programs

Since its inception in 1923, the UF Master of Science in Pharmacy degree program has stood for excellence, leading the way in academic innovation. In 2000, the college began developing unique master’s programs utilizing distance learning technologies. Today, working professionals everywhere can access high-quality education and credentials in a wide variety of non-dispensing pharmacy disciplines.

Online Forensic Science Program

Offering six graduate and certificate specializations and more than 750 graduates, UF’s award winning Online Forensic Science Master’s Program is the world’s largest and most prestigious forensic science program. This master s program earned the Award of Excellence in Distance Education from the American Distance Education Consortium in 2006. Program Director Ian Tebbett, Ph.D.. received the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award from the U.S. Distance Learning Association.

Online Pharmaceutical Chemistry Program

The online graduate program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry offers a 32-credit Masters program and 15-credit graduate certificate. The program, initiated in 2009, offers working professionals in the pharmaceutical industry or those who wish to change or supplement their career, the opportunity to study the various topics related to drug design and development. Faculty with extensive background in both pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry are involved with providing up-to-date knowledge to students. This program does not lead to a Pharm.D. degree or license to practice as a pharmacist.

Online Clinical Toxicology Program

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida offers a graduate program in Clinical Toxicology for healthcare professionals working in settings such as emergency rooms, hospitals, clinical drug trials, and poison control centers. The 32-credit MS program covers the theory associated with the evaluation and treatment of poisoned or overdosed patients. The program is designed to supplement the clinical experience of those employed in an emergency health care environment. Both physicians and pharmacists with extensive experience in clinical toxicology serve as faculty for the program to provide students with an up-to-date knowledge in clinical toxicology. This program does not lead to an M.D. or Pharm.D. degree.

Online Pharmaceutical Outcomes Policy

The University of Florida Master of Science in Pharmacy Regulation degree is a 30-credit program taken primarily online with as few as two visits to campus in Gainesville, Florida. The program does not require a Pharm.D. and does not lead to dispensing rights. Rather, it provides the expertise and credentials needed to expand pharmacy industry careers in regulation, policy, sales, economics, benefits management, patient safety, risk management, leadership and more.

Online Medication Therapy Management Program

The online Master of Science in Pharmacy in Medication Therapy Management is a 33-credit degree program designed for working professionals who wish to continue their career while gaining the innovative patient care and business skills needed to become a leader in the groundbreaking field of medication therapy management. The online program can be completed in as little as five semesters with only two visits to the campus in Gainesville, Florida. The challenging curriculum will prepare pharmacists for an advanced level of practice that involves medication therapy management and direct patient care. In the first term, during the fifth week of the course, you will be required to attend a four-day, on-campus session at the University of Florida’s MTM Institute .

Online Clinical Pharmacy Program For International Pharmacists

The online Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy is a 36-credit degree program for international students. The program offers an exciting opportunity for pharmacists with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree (or its international equivalent) to advance their clinical pharmacy skills, enhance their role on the health care team, and make a greater impact on patient care in hospitals and community settings. The courses are delivered online, and students meet with instructors and classmates in an online classroom setting. Students also participate in clinical practice experiences to gain hands-on practice of clinical pharmacy skills. The program does not lead to pharmacist licensure in the United States, but is designed to provide the patient care knowledge and skills needed to expand career opportunities in the field of clinical pharmacy.

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