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May 17 2018

How to Buy a Second Hand Car, eBay, buy second hand cars online.#Buy #second #hand

How to Buy a Second Hand Car

Buy second hand cars online

The rate at which new cars depreciate, often falling by as much as 20% each year, makes buying a used car an extremely attractive proposition, especially for those who are money conscious. When the right research is done, buying a used car can help any buyer save thousands, without having to worry about wasting money as soon as they drive it off the lot.

Tips on Buying a Second Hand Car

For most people, budget is always the initial, and primary, concern when it comes to any major purchase. Bargains are one thing, but even a great bargain that is above budget should still be avoided, even if it looks too good to ignore. Along with the price of the car, other factors such as tax and insurance need to be considered, and these will vary from car to car and location.

Service History

When buying a second hand car it is essential to check its service history. When an owner has this information readily available, it’s is a good sign that they are trustworthy. Check the files for any inconsistencies, and be brave enough to walk away if anything unusual is uncovered. When no records are kept, this doesn’t necessarily mean the owner is unreliable. They may just be disorganised. However, it could be a red flag, and it may be necessary to contact their garage over the telephone to help find out what the car’s history has been. Finally, make sure that the seller has registration papers to prove the car is actually theirs.

Agreeing on a Price

A buyer should never be scared to negotiate on price. It is generally they who hold the power, and this can be put in their favour by gathering as much information about the car as possible. This will include current prices for similar cars on the market, the car’s registration and accident history, potential problems with the vehicle that may require financial outlay for maintenance, and so on. This information provides the buyer with a strong bargaining position which may enable them to cut down the price. If a buyer comes head to head with a stubborn seller who won’t budge on price, they need to be willing to step away. This allows them to keep the power, and it’s possible the seller will be back in contact shortly to arrange another meeting to negotiate further.

Test Driving the Car

It is essential that any buyer test drive any prospective car before agreeing to buy it. Aside from checking its service history and making sure that the car is as described by the seller, it’s important to actually get behind the wheel and drive it. Look for any odd swerving of the vehicle and strange sounds of the engine, and generally ensure that the car feels ‘right’ to you. It’s a good idea for a buyer who isn’t particularly car savvy to bring along a friend who is when test driving it. Another option is to actually pay a mechanic to come along and check the vehicle over properly. This may cost a bit but will potentially save a lot of hassle if they notice anything serious wrong with the vehicle.

Checking the Details of the Used Car

Confirming the car’s details is always a sensible move before signing on the dotted line. There are online sources available where a prospective buyer is able to confirm details such as the car’s year of manufacture, date of registration, engine capacity, colour, accident history, and tax rate. Some sellers avoid disclosing all the details of any old accidents, particularly when they involved fixing the car in some fashion.

Buying a Second Hand Car on eBay

eBay has a good inventory of second hand cars and is just waiting to connect buyers with sellers. It’s possible to find these by looking for the ’exterior of the vehicle as well as accessories for the cabin.


Buyers can save a lot of money buying second hand cars. eBay takes some of the worry and stress out of this major purchase by offering thousands of cars and detailed information on each vehicle.

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