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Jun 25 2017

Elizabeth Montgomery s Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame #bewitched,elizabeth #montgomery,bewitched #photos,bewitched #episode #guides,bewitched


Elizabeth Montgomery Receives Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Friday, January 4, 2008 – And Is There!

It’s the scene we’ve all pictured in our heads a thousand times over the years. The podium with that famous seal on the front, the press stand bedecked with reporters jostling for prime positions, the red carpet with a square cutout, and the excitedly chattering crowd behind the barrier. Yes, it’s all just as we’ve imagined it would be. Except for the torrential rain.

But this is Hollywood, and the honoree is (at long last) Elizabeth Montgomery. More than a dozen years after her passing, her deliciously naughty sense of humor lives on. Her friends and family all agreed that she would have been delighted by the rain. We wonder if ‘Lizzie’ had anything to do with the fact that a devastating two-year drought in Southern California finally broke, at the exact moment her family, friends, and fans gathered at 6533 Hollywood Boulevard to honor her life and her amazing accomplishments. The rain may have dampened hair, cameras, and everybody’s finest attire, but it certainly did not dampen anybody’s spirits.

The Asher family graciously invited to participate, and we were deeply honored and delighted to share this moment with them. Join us now, up close and personal, as Elizabeth Montgomery receives her richly deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We are pleased to bring you there with us, right up at the front of the press corps.

The ceremony was brief, only a half hour or so, but very moving, with lovely touches of both reverence and humor. The speakers included Johnny Grant, Chairman of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame Committee, Liz ‘Dizzy’ Sheridan, Robert Foxworth, William Asher Jr. and Rebecca Asher. Other noteworthy guests included Bernard Fox (‘Dr. Bombay’), Erin Murphy (‘Tabatha Stephens’), Herbie Hancock, William Bast (writer of Lizzie Borden ) and Anne Ramsay (Mad About You ).

We have had the distinct priviledge of knowing the Ashers (William, Rebecca, and Bill) for many years now. You won’t be surprised to learn that Elizabeth’s family are every bit as kind and gracious as she was. At the private reception (sorry, only personal photos allowed) following the ceremony at “Cinespace”, we met many more Ashers and Montgomerys, and all were warm, outgoing, and good looking. We especially enjoyed seeing William Asher’s wife Meredith again – she is a genuine treasure.

Please enjoy the exclusive photos we flew 6,000 miles to bring to you 🙂 All photos were shot with a Canon 20D digital SLR camera. Video will be added also, so check back later today or tomorrow (Tues) for that.

Sad Update: Johnny Grant passed away on Wednesday January 9, 2008, less than a week after he presided over Liz’s ceremony. Deep condolences to family and friends of Johnny, we were honored to have him present at the ceremony and we are glad we have pictures and video of him, possibly the last that were taken of him. Click here for more information.

Video Cips Of The Ceremony Are Here

Here’s the red carpet setup before people began arriving. A protective wooden template was placed over the star beforehand.

Fans begin to gather with umbrellas waiting for the ceremony to begin. That’s Mark Simpson (“The Bewitched Collector”, wearing rust colored pants) and our good friend Steven Colbert to his right standing by. Steven was commissioned by Sony to design the cover and liner art for season 6 of the Bewitched DVD (Dick Sargent years – yay!!). Can’t wait for the release! Congrats to Steven on this, we are very proud of you and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person!

Here’s Johnny Grant and two of Elizabeth’s children (Rebecca and Bill Asher)
Johnny is reading a resolution from the Los Angeles City Council, recognizing
Elizabeth’s star on the Walk Of Fame.

Mr. Grant, Rebecca and Bill Asher get ready to pull the protective template off of the star.

But wait! We have to bring William Asher in nearby so he can be part of the excitement too!

William Asher becomes a little emotional as the star is unveiled – and rightfully so.

..but he quickly brightens up! Rebecca holds a plaque with the star on it given to her by Johnny.

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