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Sep 18 2018

Careercruising Matchmaker by Bailey Schilder on Prezi, career matchmaker.#Career #matchmaker

Careercruising Matchmaker

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Transcript of Careercruising Matchmaker

Career cruising Matchmaker

Found in

learning styles inventory

Career Development and Counseling: Putting Theory and Research to Work.

Review discussions regarding Matchmaker (Career Cruising) are limited.

Labor Market Information

Reference Reviews: Career Cruising

Summary Evaluation: Strengths

Criterion-based interest survey designed to match users with a list of viable occupations based on user responses.

Summary Evaluation: Weaknesses

Administration Time: large group, 45-90 minutes

individual, 20-30 minutes

Career Cruising has exclusive rights

in the North American market

Matchmaker is not a normed instrument

. allows the questions to be straightforward, transparent, and client-centered. There is no need to ask obscure or difficult questions in order to test for internal consistency.”

updates/modifications can be made quickly to the occupation database (updated as needed )

occupation profiles developed based on user responses

Cannot be used for benchmarking, or cross-institutional comparisons

Demands expertise in measurement

objectivity is questioned

Gore Leuwereke, CECS (2004)

reliability coefficient .068

more reliable if tested within shorter frequency

39 core matchmaker items = more stable measurement

Remaining 77 questions

significantly more valid if all 116 items were answered

distinct pattern of validity appeared through construct validity analysis

ease of administration: relatively uncomplicated

questions written in clear, simple language

additional information is provided

potential difficulties=navigating the site, locating remembering usernames/passwords

Brown and Len (2012)

Provide reviews on interest assessments such as the O*Net ability profiler

Matchmaker is the foundation for Career Cruising assessments

Matchmaker is unique: linkages between assessment results and occupational recommendations are based on detailed job analysis of primary occupational activities

John Anagnostopoulos, Reference Librarian

St. Xavier University (2004)

“I found Career Cruising to be a wonderful experience. Career Cruising s organization is intuitively designed and very user-friendly. Easily identified tabs and buttons facilitate navigation, which allows users to concentrate on using the database.”

“When factoring in the ease of use, scope and volume of content, and price Career Cruising is a very attractive package. I readily recommend this service to any institution that has a constituency that is looking for a one-stop career or education research tool.

Bezanson, O Reilly, Hopkins,

Assessments were chosen to assist the career counselor when providing labor market information.

A majority of participants indicated that “quizzes” (i.e., Matchmaker) were extremely useful

frequently mentioned specific

transparent to users

occupational database integration

re-test ability (users can take multiple times)

doesn t require extensive training

web-based, global access

promotes discovery active learning

requires some training/familiarization

username/passwords are difficult

answer skew based on obtaining certain results

unrealistic results based on immature response

limited scholarly reviews

not a norm-referenced assessment

(no cross-sectional references)

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