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Jul 4 2018

Car Hire insurance Reduction Options and other extras

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Car Hire insurance and other options

Car rental companies offer a range of optional extras that can be hired when picking up your rental vehicle. Some, such as child seats, can be requested when making your booking through DriveNow, whilst others such as insurance excess reduction (reducing your liability in the event of an accident) are organised directly with your rental company when collecting your vehicle.

DriveNow provides the following information as a guide.

Whilst we endeavour to keep this information accurate and current, these prices and conditions are managed by our suppliers and as such they are subject to change beyond our control and can vary subject to location beyond that outlined below. We recommend treating this table as a general guide to additional services provided by our rental partners. Updated October 2014.


  • The best and simplest tip is to talk to the rental company when picking up your vehicle to ensure that you understand exactly what options are available to you and what you are liable to pay for in the event of an accident.
  • Rental companies have varying policies governing their insurance cover options when it comes to events such as single vehicle accidents, windscreen, wheel or tyre damage, overhead and under body damage and water invasion. Have this confirmed by your rental company before departing with your car.
  • Your Credit Card will be swiped for a bond to cover the Excess Liability if you haven’t taken an Excess Reduction option. The Credit Card will need sufficient funds to cover this at the time of pickup.
  • In checking the vehicle, you should be given a vehicle diagram with all marks/scratches highlighted. Check these against the form and have it amended by the counter staff before departing.
  • With Most mobile phones being equipped with cameras, taking photographs of any existing damage or scratches before you drive away can be helpful. Remember to ensure that any such damage/scratches are flagged with the rental company when departing with the vehicle.
  • Breaking the law will invalidate the supplier’s insurance cover.

Perhaps the cheapest way to reduce this excess fee is through Travel Insurance or Credit Card membership benefits, often these include car hire insurance. Generally the way this works is that you hire the vehicle with no additional excess reduction options and if an accident occurs you pay the standard excess. You can then recoup that cost from your insurer or Credit Card organisation. The things to remember with these options are:

  • Read the Terms & Conditions of your policy/membership or speak with your insurer/Credit Card company to ensure you are covered
  • Confirm that their cover includes things such as single vehicle accidents, wheels and tyres, windscreen, overhead or under body damage
  • To be eligible for the Credit Card cover you must book and pay for the car rental using the corresponding card.
  • In the event of an accident the Standard Excess amount you are liable for will be charged to your Credit Card and you then recoup the cost from your Travel Insurer.
  • Make sure you receive copies of all the paperwork covering any accident (including Police Reports) and Vehicle Repairs (workshop invoices from the rental company). You will need these to support your insurance claim.

If you plan to take your rental car to the snowfields you must notify the rental company and purchase additional snow insurance when picking up your vehicle. Driving above the snowline or into an officially designated snowfield invalidates all insurance cover unless previously agreed with the rental company. Most companies offer specific snow deals during the winter months. Contact the DriveNow Res team for further information and assistance.

* All excess fee amounts are set by individual rental suppliers and as such are subject to change beyond the control of DriveNow. Whilst we will make every effort to ensure that the information listed here is accurate it is subject to change and should therefore be taken as indicative of the insurance options provided by each vehicle supplier. Please confirm insurance terms and conditions on picking up your vehicle.

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