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Dec 31 2017

Campus Ministry, campus ministry ideas.#Campus #ministry #ideas


Campus Ministry

“Thus, the Church seeks to help higher education attain its lofty goal of developing a culture in which human beings can realize their full potential.”

—The Church of the University Pope Speaks vol 27, #3 Fall 1982: 252

“…cooperation between these two great institutions, Church and university, is indispensable to the health of society.”

—To Teach as Jesus Did: A Pastoral Message on Catholic Education #63

“Campus ministry can be defined as the public presence and service through which properly prepared baptized persons are empowered by the Spirit to use their talents and gifts on behalf of the Church in order to be a sign and instrument of kingdom in the academic worlds. The eye of faith discerns campus ministry where commitment to Christ and care for the academic world meet in purposeful activity to serve and realize the kingdom God.”

—Empowered by the Spirit: Campus Ministry Faces the Future #21

Six Aspects of Campus Ministry

Campus ministry ideas

Persons who serve

“We (the bishops) know it is important to find dedicated persons for this ministry who have a solid faith, a love for the academic world, and the ability to relate well to both inquiring students and educated faculty. They need proper training, which includes personal development, practical experience and theological study.”

The Frank J Lewis Institute orients new campus ministers to the specialized ministry within higher education. National standards, known as the Code of Ethics, provides a framework for certification.

Programs and Resources

The Campus Ministry Leadership Institute provides campus teams, of student leaders and campus ministers, the opportunity to work collaboratively on program development and implementation. Participants learn and practice valuable leadership skills through project planning, networking with campus leaders from across the country, and acquiring a practical understanding of Catholic Campus Ministry based on Empowered by the Spirit.

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