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Aug 31 2017

Best travel insurance plan for road trips #road #guard #insurance


Best travel insurance plan for road trips

That all-American of travel plan the road trip qualifies for excellent travel insurance protection from one company: Access America (now known as Allianz Travel Insurance). The plan is called Drive Protection and it’s more than the typical car rental protection plan because it covers your own vehicle or a rental vehicle.

Remember, even if you have health insurance coverage, that coverage is limited when you are out of the coverage network area. So, if you live in California, for example, and take a road trip to see the Rocky Mountains, you will likely be outside your health insurance network. If you become ill (food poisoning from that roadside diner perhaps) or get injured in Idaho, you’ll be paying out-of-network costs for your medical care. Out-of-network care costs can be as high as four or five times what you would normally pay for in-network care.

The Access America Drive Protection plan provides secondary coverage to your own automobile insurance, which means it covers your automobile insurance deductibles (up to $500), out-of-network medical expenses, and it has cross-country roadside assistance. Two adults are automatically covered under the plan, kids under 17 are free, and additional adults can be included for a minimal charge.

This unique plan includes some package-like benefits including baggage coverage, trip cancellation, interruption, travel delays and travel accident AD D. This coverage will even return your vehicle if you are injured or hospitalized and can’t get it back home.

See our full review of Access America’s Drive Protection plan, including details, limitations, and where to buy.

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How to save money and find the best travel insurance

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  1. 1. Click the big orange button below: This will take you to the comparison tool
  2. 2. Enter your trip details: Dates, travelers, cost, etc. then click the Quote Now button
  3. 3. Use the tools to narrow your choice: Use the Filtering and Compare features to pick a plan
  4. 4. Buy online: After selecting a plan, use a credit card to securely enroll online
  5. 5. Rest assured: Instant confirmation of coverage and 10 Money Back guarantee

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