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Dec 31 2017

Best Learning Management Systems 2017 – Reviews – Comparison

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Compare Learning Management Systems (LMS)


  • While both types can be referred to generally as LMS, a learning content management system (LCMS) differs from an LMS in that it lets users create, edit, store, manage, and publish learning content.
  • LCMS is beneficial for online K-12 learning, as teachers can easily edit content, curriculum and syllabi, as well as import and reuse learning material.
  • LCMS can also be useful for businesses that want to create their own proprietary learning materials, such as for new hire onboarding.
  • LMS, on the other hand, are for businesses that train their employees using strict and unchanging requirements. For example, hospitals often utilize an LMS to train employees on HIPAA regulations, because the software does not need to cater to specific people.
  • Smaller businesses usually favor LMSs over LCMSs because they are less expensive.

If an LCMS sounds like it’s right for you, look for a product with content development features.

Accessibility Compliance

SCORM. or Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model specifications were created by the Department of Defense’s Advanced Distribution Learning (ADL) Initiative. These standards define communication between client and host systems, as well as content transferability. Most companies strive to adhere to SCORM specifications, as opposed to AICC, as those standards are specifically for the aviation industry.

The IMS Global Learning Consortium has developed open interoperability standards to support and enhance educational technology.

AICC. or Aviation Industry CBT (Computer-Based Training) Committee, is an organization comprised of technology training professionals who create training standards in the aviation industry.

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